Optimal MD Solutions

Physician Billing & Management Service


Our approach to our suite of services is simple.  As experienced administrators, we have intimate knowledge of the needs of a practice and understand that each office is different.

We are focused on integrating smart solutions to build efficiency and maximize profits in your practice.  We actively engage with you; from our training program during the implementation process to resolution of claims and performance overviews; we are there to serve your needs.  Contact us to partner with you and customize a solution for your practice.

Revenue Cycle Management Service

We manage the range of challenges that arise from a patient’s initial visit, throughout their treatment cycle and all the way to the final resolution of their insurance claims.  We simplify the process with the best financial outcome.

Our team of experts is forward thinking with capable analysts focused on improving and accelerating the revenue cycle process.  Optimal MD Solutions can help you advance your business performance.

Coding, Billing & Patient Account Management Services

  • Our medical coding specialists are experts that ensure billing is done correctly.
  • We are relentless at resolving any unpaid, underpaid and denied claims.  Our goal is to collect as much revenue as possible.
  • We have an online patient payment portal that gets money in your bank faster.
  • We manage patient statements and offer online statements.
  • We have a powerful set of management reports that can be customized to meet your reporting needs.

Revenue Cycle Assessment & Consulting Service

We assess your operating procedures and provide a roadmap with a disciplined approach in streamlining your medical billing with precision and efficiency.  We provide you with the solutions to increase your performance and achieve higher productivity.

Staff Education & Training

We present timely and informative training programs.  Topics include front office collections, charge capture, changes in payment policies, HIPAA/HITECH, compliance risk assessment, proper documentation and coding.

Enrollment/Credentialing Services

We can handle the enrollment and credentialing process on your behalf, saving valuable staff time and resources.

Human Resources Support

We can be an extension of your HR department in many ways.  We offer payroll assistance, hiring assistance, and other supportive services best suited to your practice’s individual needs.